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Education should be for social upliftment

Education is not a way to get a qualification certificate to get any job. It is the process of building a socially conscious and committed individual, family and society. As each citizen has different views, habits and sense of personality, the subjects of education they should receive and practice should also be different. LEHDC emphasizes on the education method which understands that every person is different and their character and career interests are different.

Emotional Management – Basic

30 Days All levels
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Memory Techniques Course

365 Days All levels
Through this course, you will learn memory techniques that can memorize thousands of questions and answers, thousands of years of calendars, and hundreds of lists,...
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Why Choose Us?

Some of what you get from us


A learning method that helps each person, to realize their own abilities and interests, to live by understanding the changes that need to be made in the current lifestyle, to know how to upgrade themselves in society.


Not everyone is equally able to communicate effectively in every situation Since each person is unique. Syllabus includes topics which help in identifying and solving communication issues.

Creative Thinking

Creating different methods highly suited for the context requires an open mind and imagination. A way of life where creative thinking is applied will create a wonderful growth in a person's social life.

Social Commitment

Ability to understand the conditions of others and give necessary instructions in a timely manner


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